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M.Y.L.Prasad got more than 15 years of Data Analytic, Statistical Programming experience across various domains using SAS and R .

Expert in Machine Learning, Data Mining, Statistical Modelling and Data Analytics.

Excellent Knowledge in Unsupervised techniques like Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction and Pattern mining.

Worked Extensively on Supervised Learning Techniques like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Neural Networks.

Commendable Knowledge on Support vector Machines, Ensemble methods like Random Forests, Gradient Boosting and Ada Boost.

Exposure to reinforcement learning Techniques. Building up the Analytics function focused on all the aspects of Healthcare - Payer, Provider and Life Sciences. Work with the executive leadership to build the strategy, work out priority areas, hire and staff up the function and build analytics assets that can be monetized. Experienced in varied technology environments and platforms such as SAS,R, Tableau, Oracle, Excel Miner, NODE XL, SAS E-Miner, ME-XL and SPSS. Extensively worked in the domains Clinical Data and Pharma Analytics, Healthcare (EHR/EMR, NHIN, HIMS, RCM, SNOMED, LOINC, HL7 -RIM, eClaims),. Expertise in advanced statistical techniques and machine learning such as Probability, Hypothesis testing, Regression, Anova, Classification, Text Mining and Time series analysis. Loves spending time reading books, blogging in the ever growing field of Data Science/Machine Learning to stay fresh.

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